Bringing home the VW Bug


FINALLY! After several hours and weeks spent on online car sites such as Craigslist, I have finally found the prized beetle that I will be restoring for my senior project. It is a red, 1965 Volkswagen Beetle, made in Germany. It’s a pretty rare find as German beetles are getting more collectible and expensive. I found this car in Fremont, California and sealed the deal. To ensure that I was making a good purchase, my Dad and my Dad’s mechanic friend came along to look at the bug for any mechanical issues. I can’t buy a bug that needs a totally new motor on it! Everything checked out okay and we finally settled on a good price.

The bug surprisingly was well taken care of and runs good to start. The previous owner spent thousands of dollars getting the engine rebuilt and getting crucial repairs done, which takes a lot of work off on my part. I have all the receipts from EVERYTHING the bug was serviced on (huge plus!!) Though it does run good, it has it’s kinks here and there. We might be concerned it drips some oil and it definitely needs a new battery as we had to push-start the car to get it out of the gas station leaving Fremont. Cosmetics need a LOT of work. It needs a whole new interior, a paint job, new seals, etc. It barely made it to Napa by taking it slow and easy on the freeway. In the next few days, I will be working on getting all of my paperwork for my mentor done and turned in, and I will begin to analyze what repairs will have to be done on the car first, and overall what the car needs to be completed. I am working on a walk around video of the car so you guys can all see it in it’s ever lasting glory.


2 thoughts on “Bringing home the VW Bug

  1. As much as I like that, I’m pretty sure due to the confinements of Senior Project I have to have my mentor teach me…sorry! Maybe I can practice with you watching me though later on, that’d be cool with me.

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