Walk-around inspection

I’ve had the bug in the garage for about 4 days now, but haven’t really been working on it. I’ve mostly been doing research online, and talking to my neighbor Peter who has agreed to be my mentor for the project. I’ve been looking around the Beetle trying to find any problems and estimating repairs that will need to be done. Right off the bat I noticed that the engine drips a tiny bit of oil from the engine. I’ve put a paper towel underneath the engine to see how much oil it drips. Overnight it only dripped two drops, so not a huge concern but still something I need to look at. The next few days I’ll be working on cleaning up and partially tearing down the old interior so it’s easier to work around the car. I also need to find a replacement battery in order to get the car running properly. This video hopefully shines some light on some of the problems and repairs I will be doing on the Beetle as time goes on. It’s a good place to start and will give an impressive “before-after” effect when my project is finished!


2 thoughts on “Walk-around inspection

  1. It’ll be a difficult restoration! Interior might look easy, but it takes a lot of work and time to get it perfect…painting the bug also requires that I take apart everything on the car and put it back together. That includes the motor! At some point in the project I’ll be conducting a series of engine tune-ups on the motor to make sure it’s running perfectly. In a sense, I am learning the same as if I were rebuilding the motor, except it’s cheaper in parts and service since the motor runs.

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