Scrubbing, scrubbing, and even more scrubbing.

Time to get started on the Beetle! The first thing it needed to start up right away is a new battery. We dug into the back seat and got the old battery unhooked to the car. While we were at it, we decided it was a good opportunity to clean up the passenger area by removing the back seat completely from the car and tear down the old interior (headliner, door panels, etc.) While I was removing some pads from the passenger trunk area, I discovered some rust buildup and some rot in the pan, resulting in small holes. It’s going to need some welding to the pan, and my Dad said he can hook me up with some people who can weld in the new sheets onto the pan. It shouldn’t be that big of a problem. Rust removal is VERY time consuming, with hours of scrubbing and dusting off for some sealant to go on the affected areas. I scrubbed most of the bad areas off and vacuumed it clean, so now that affected areas just need to be scrubbed over again once last time with a power drill with a copper scrubber and it needs treated with some special rust remover primer. Finding a battery for the car was harder than expected. We went all around Napa trying to find the simple, 6 volt battery for the beetle and finally found one. We discovered from the auto shop specialist that the old battery was actually a battery used for commercial tractors and other small vehicles. With a new battery and the pan all cleared up, we made significant progress on cleaning up the beetle.


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