Battery pan refinishing

Before the weekend rolled around, I wanted to refinish some of the smaller pieces of the car that go into the battery pan. One of those pieces was a really rusted, beat up pan that goes underneath the battery to prevent the battery acid from dripping onto the actual pan of the car. Since this small pan was sort of a barrier against all the leaking battery acid from the old tractor battery, it was in a pretty bad shape. I began my using a small hand drill with a sander attachment to grind and sand off all the rust on the pan, making it into a clean surface with no rust. I then shaped it back into it;s original shape as the sides of the small pan were beat up and crumpled from the weight from the previous battery that wasn’t original to the bug. I then applied a rust resistant painting coat to both sides of the pan. The coat helps eliminate rust from car metals and also prevents rust from forming again. The end result was pretty fantastic. I used this small job as a test to see how the rust free coating worked on car metals. This weekend, I will begin to do more extensive work on the car (can’t really do much during the week as I have homework) which includes sanding off all the rust from the passenger area of the car floor panels and applying the rust coat in that area. Hopefully it turns out well and we can get the car running with the new battery in it!

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