More scrubbing and rust removal

Went back to scrubbing the body pans in the passenger area of the car. Before I can do any more mechanic work or even send it off to get it painted, I need to make sure the rust spots are treated. I also wanted to wash the underside of the car at a car wash nearby with some degreaser, so in order to do that I needed to install the battery and get it running. I bought a steel brush extension for my drill in order to have the process go buy much quicker than what I was doing before with the hand tools. I proceeded to vigorously scrub off the remaining rust off the battery pan of the car and also began working on taking the old glue off the luggage compartment of the car. This process took all day and a lot of patience went into this job. At the end of the day, I sprayed on some rust reformer in order to treat the small rust remaining and to prevent any other rust from forming again. With everything all cleared up in the battery tray area, it was time to put in the battery! The battery went in fine but we found some trouble when it came to starting up the car as it wasn’t started in a while. We also had problems with the electrics of the car as the lights were really dim and low. As a result we couldn’t drive the car in the dark, so we decided to wash it out in the driveway. In the next week, I will be meeting with my mentor in order to figure out my next possible steps and to figure out a list of everything the car needs (parts wise) for the restoration to be complete.


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