Quick updates

I have gotten in all of my Senior Project paperwork, and I now officially have my mentor, Peter Opraski. Peter is a neighbor and friend of my dad and I, and has agreed to help us out! He’s a mechanic who specializes a lot on european cars and has been in the business for 35+ years. As far as the project goes, Peter advised me to set aside a small work area in the garage where I can store all the parts from the car we pull off, and to just have a designated space where I can work and find all my tools at ease. I began working on cleaning up the garage and also setting aside the table in the garage where I can store and organize the soon-to-be car parts from the Volkswagen. I also decided to scan in all the old work receipts and keep them all organized in a project binder so that way new receipts for all the work done on the bug can also be kept safe. My mentor also advised me to get ahold of the body shop I wanted so that we could get the car prepped and ready for a professional paint job.

I’m in luck, as I have an older cousin of mine who has his own auto body shop down near Manteca. I called him up this past week to discuss my project with him and he seemed interested in helping me out. I proceeded to take pictures of the bug and it’s entirety in order for him to visualize the work that needs to done on it. With a green light from the body shop and from my mentor, we can now begin the teardown process of the bug and the preparation to get it sent off to get painted!


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