Gutting the bug – part 2

I have been gradually working on the teardown of the beetle as it needs to be a complete empty shell when the body shop receives it to shoot if for paint and to further treat out some of the other body work that needs to be done. I began with taking out some of the exterior parts of the bug such as the trim around the car and even the rear headlight assemblies. I also disconnected and completely gutted out the front headlights. As of now, the front part of the car is really gutted down. In the next work time I get with the bug, I hope to continue gutting it down and hopefully get out some of the wiring of the car. Some issues I’ve been coming across are most of the time how to take parts of the car off, such as the wiring of the car and even the bumper brackets that simply won’t come loose. My mentor, Peter, will probably be able to help me in the next work time I get with him this weekend. As far as organizing the parts taken off the car, I have now started to put parts in large bins. This will make things go a lot faster and will protect the parts when it comes time to put the bug back together after paint.


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