Gutting the bug – part 3

Stripping down and gutting the Volkswagen is taking longer than I originally expected, so I assume that most of my other posts in the coming weeks will be about tearing apart the beetle for paint, which is okay! I’ve been learning a lot about the different components of the car and how each little piece fits together. From the previous blog post, I’ve done significant work on the car. I have completely gutted the interior of the car, so the seats are no longer in the car and the floor pans are now exposed. Looking at the floor pans, I discovered that both of the pans needed to be replaced, so I put in my first major order to and ordered the two lower section pans along with the missing running boards of the car. The pans came in, but I’m still waiting for the running boards as they are on back order. For part 3 of gutting the bug, I decided to continue the gutting process and as a result I removed the windows. This was a very tedious process that required a lot of patience and carefulness, but in the end it paid off. The only bad thing about the whole process is that I accidentally cracked the main windshield by applying too much pressure. Though I was frustrated that I need to order a new one, the old windshield already had small cracks in it so it would have been trashed anyways. In the coming weeks, I’m going to be working with a friend of my dad’s in order to weld in the two pans with his welding supplies. I also need to figure out how I’m going to transport the bug to get it welded and to get it painted at the body shop.


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