All patched up!

Unfortunately due to lack of time after school and assignments, finding the time to go down to the shop to learn about welding the car was impossible. Since we do want to get the car painted over this upcoming break, we needed to finish up all the body work on the car as well as welding in the new floor pan pieces. Welding the car pieces together myself also would have been tricky as welding is a difficult thing to do on a car like this, and as much as I want to learn, I don’t want to mess up on my car. The mechanic at my dad’s work, Bryan, was happy to do the small job himself with his own welding supplies he uses for his car restorations. He replaced the passenger side of the floor pan as well as the small holes in the luggage rack compartment. We transported the bug with the use of a trailer and a big truck, and will probably do the same when we transport the car to the paint shop. The next steps I will take with this project will be to set up dates to take the bug to get it painted, and to finish up gutting the car of the motor, electrical wiring, and other interior components.


One thought on “All patched up!

  1. I think it would have been better to do both pans at the same time, but it’s no big deal if the other one is still in good shape. I suggest coating all the pans to make the car floor nice and shiny and rust resistant. Go to home depot and buy some POR-15 paint, it’s works really well

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