Pouring out the oil

This weekend, I decided how to learn how to do a simple job on the beetle – how to change the oil. To my knowledge, the oil hadn’t been changed on the bug for awhile, and I could easily tell by the color of the black oil it had on the engine dipstick. Turns out the job isn’t as bad as I taught it would be. Just a few bolts to undo and out comes the stream of dirty oil, yay! Peter, my mentor, mentioned that I had to drain the oil in order to successfully take out the engine. Hopefully in the next few days, we’ll begin that process. In the mean time, I need to start taking out the main wiring loom of the car as the final process of gutting the car.


One thought on “Pouring out the oil

  1. Good, taking the oil out of the car makes the process of taking out the engine a lot easier, we don’t want oil sputtering around everywhere. I like what you did for lifting the car up though I don’t know if that’ll be high enough to take the motor out since we have to lift the car to slide the motor out. I’ll ask around to see what the most efficient way to do this is since we don’t have a hoist lift.

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