Wiring loom removal and rust proof painting

I’m getting closer to getting the bug painted over the break. Everything has been going well with stripping apart the bug into a shell so that painting it is a lot faster and in most cases, cheaper. All the body pan work has been down on it and I took this opportunity to clean up the floor pans by painting them with some glossy black Rustoleum paint to prevent future rust and to enhance the look of the car. I also took out the main wiring loom of the car completely since we’re going to be replacing it anyways. Since I did have a good amount of paint left over, I decided to paint the gas tank in order to make it look brand new. Most people would usually buy a whole new tank, so I think by using this quick technique of touching it up I saved myself a good $60. The only things that are left on the car are the motor and a few things on the dash that I’m having trouble removing. The motor will be coming out tomorrow however and I hope to contact the paint shop tomorrow to arrange a delivery day for the bug.


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