Winter break progress

It was winter break, so of course this meant a lot of work time with the bug. All the work I’ve been currently doing on the bug is mainly stripping it apart for the upcoming paint job it will receive. The only things that were left on the bug were the motor, along with the fenders on the side that needed to be bolted off. My mentor, Peter, helped me out with the big job of taking the motor out. Though rumors say that a Volkswagen motor can easily come out with just 4 screws and lifted off the motor single handedly, that was not the case. Since we didn’t have a lift, we needed to use car jacks to lift the car and drop the motor. As for the fenders, I sprayed a little rust penetrant spray each day in order to get the rusty bolts loose. It ended up working pretty well.

Finding a paint shop was harder than I thought it would be. Originally, I had a older cousin of mine agree to paint the bug for me down near Manteca. Unfortunately when the bug was complete and ready, he failed to pick up my calls and emails. I went to local body shops in Napa to see how much a paint job would cost, but doing it at a local professional paint shop would cost around $4500 – $5000. WAY TO MUCH! Eager to get the bug painted, I found a much cheaper alternative. A friend of my Dad, Ramon, paints cars here in Napa as he rents out his own paint booth. While he does do professional high end jobs, he proposed a very simple solution with a paint job for the bug. The only thing I have to do now is clean up and sand down all the parts to be painted as well as the remaining body.


One thought on “Winter break progress

  1. How much does he rent out his booth for? I’m going to need to spray my car in the future, and I have everything I need minus the place to do so. But anyways, this bug is going to turn out really really nice, I’m jealous.

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