Degreasing, sanding, and ready for paint!

As of last saturday, the fenders and hoods from the bug are now getting painted. We took them to my Dad’s friend, Ramon, to paint the car in the shop he rents out here in Napa. I also picked the color, which will be a “racing red” (according to the paint code). It’s not exactly the original color, but it’s pretty close to it. In order to get the parts and body ready, we needed to wet sand them with 320 grit sandpaper. We also used a quicker technique to strip the paint by using a shop degreaser spray that helped wash away the remaining lacquer on the paint. We finished it off by sanding it as well to get the results we wanted. We will be delivering the rest of the body by using a dolly to trailer the car to the shop here in Napa. I have also begun ordering parts for the bug such as all new seals around the car and the complete wiring loom.


One thought on “Degreasing, sanding, and ready for paint!

  1. It took awhile, but I’m glad to see you figure out which painter to take the car to. Even though your sanding and cleaning it, the painter will probably still have to clean it up and sand it with the machine. How long did he say it will take? You need to start getting new parts so your ready to work on it when it’s all done

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