New parts, and off to the painter

January 19th 2013: We received the painted fenders from Ramon, the painter, this past Friday. I am really impressed with the quality of the paint job as we took the more affordable route of not going to a professional paint shop here in Napa. The paint in my opinion looks the same as if we took it to a $4000-$5000 paint shop. The paint is a nice glossy red close to the original red color of the bug. The following Saturday, we rented a dolly at the local U-haul for $40 for the entire day to transport the bug to Ramon’s paint booth here in Napa. He will be painting the rest of the body as well as fixing some remaining body work we didn’t see on the bug before. The fenders and interior parts look great, but as instructed by my mentor, Peter recommended I undercoat the fenders to prevent rust forming underneath and to protect the fenders from gravel and rocks that may shoot up from the wheel well as they can cause small dents. The bug will be ready to pick up next weekend, and in the mean time, I have ordered a massive amount of parts to begin re-constructing the bug such as a complete exterior rubber kit for the entire car, new wheel caps, the complete wiring loom, engine gaskets, and two brand new headlamps.


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