Back in red and white

January 26th – February 2nd: We recieved the bug back from the paint shop! Once again we trailered the bug back from the paint shop and pushed into the garage. I am overall happy with the budget paint job that Ramon did for us. It’s not the same quality as a $5000 dollar job, but I’d say it’s pretty close to it! We spent a total of $800 on the paint job. With a huge order of new seals and exterior parts, I started working on putting parts back on the car. I will be doing a exterior restoration on the car first, then move into working on the interior. Putting parts back is both easy and hard, as there are old parts that I know how they went on and new parts that we never on the car originally when I got it. It’s good to know that I have my mentor and instructive videos to help me along the way. I will continue putting new seals and putting back the door windows and seals throughout the week, and hopefully start putting together the rest of the fenders on the bug as there are broken bolts that need to be removed. Peter has agreed to help me out with that, and has instructed me to just keep working on what I can do.


One thought on “Back in red and white

  1. It’s a pretty good paint job for the money. Make sure to coat the bottom of the car and the front end axle as well, I don’t want it to be all gross under there if you want a polished show piece. It’s like taking a bath and leaving your ears dirty! Good job on the vent window assembly, make sure the rivets are installed properly

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