Steering wheel refinishing and clumsy windows

With new parts coming in from, I have been constantly putting the bug back together piece by piece. Over this last 4 day weekend, I installed all the body rubbers, such as the back engine seals to the front hood engine seals. I also rebuilt the doors up to the point where I needed to install the main windows, but I got stuck. I looked around on the internet for a way to install it, but to no avail. The main window assembly is made up of the window itself and the regulator that bring the window up. It is very hard to squeeze the regulator and the window together in the channel. In the process of finding a solution on the internet, I joined a forum called “The Samba” which is mainly for VW enthusiasts. I posted a thread about my problem and within hours I had replies to help me out. I will be using this new feature if I need any help on my bug. I also asked Peter if he could install the windows and he agreed to help me out. Peter and I also worked on tapping out the bolts still stuck on the body of the car. “Tapping out” a bolt means to completely drill through the old bolt and use a tap to rebuild the threads again. We struggled to remove most of the bolts on the right side of the car where the running board is attached, and we will continue to work on the other side as well. As for the motor, I will be partially rebuilding it as it was running fine when it was taken out of the car. I will be cleaning it up and replacing small parts on the motor to keep it running smoothly. I will continue putting the fenders and running boards on the car, as well as connecting the electrical components of the car. Putting the windows and the window regulator will also be a priority as it has been the hardest thing I’ve had to do on the bug!


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