Good parts, bad parts

Though I usually post videos for you guys on my progress, I decided to write up a quick post on my steady progress on the bug. More specifically, on the different parts I’ve been receiving for the bug online and from my mentor. From the last video, I have now successfully put together all the fenders on the car, and the entire car is now covered with brand new seals. The dash and steering wheel have also been restored appropriately. Since I have put a lot of new parts on the bug, I needed to order everything else I needed online in order to finish the bug. I placed a huge (and hopefully the last) big order for parts on jBugs. Though the order was around $700 in parts, I have ordered everything I need to finish the restoration, including an entire interior kit and different parts for the motor to be rebuilt. As of today, the two giant packages have been shipped and should be getting here on Saturday, perfect for Sunday to start working more with the new parts I’ve recieved. Though I need more parts to continue the restoration, there are still plenty of things to do on the car with my mentor, such as hooking up the wiring and installing different miscellaneous parts. Even though I have been ordering parts online, Peter has also helped me acquire cheap parts through his job. He found an entire box of engine gaskets, new old stock spark plugs, oil change seals, and many other important parts in a box at his workplace. When he found it, his co-workers decided to donate the box of parts to me in order to keep going on with the restoration. Very helpful! He also managed to get some new tie rods for the steering of the car for a cheap price.

I recently began putting back the running boards I bought for the bug back in September when I bought it. Since the fenders were put back on the car and the bolts were all tapped out by Peter, I was able to mount the running boards. I noticed however that they simply did not fit well and didn’t align well with the bolting holes. I know that buying cheap Brazilian parts for bugs is bad, but I was confused since I bought “heavy duty” Mexican running boards. Curious, I once again consulted the online forums ( to ask the public about the running boards. Someone responded to my question, and mentioned that though the Mexican running boards are cheap, they still don’t fit well and it’s better to just put more money in to buy the good quality running boards. German running boards are the best, but cost $200 EACH. I think I will exchange my boards for the American made ones, that will fit much better and are much more durable. They run around $130 for the pair. Even though I’m shooting for a low budget restoration  I still want quality parts where I need them!


One thought on “Good parts, bad parts

  1. The running boards you got are simply not right for the car. Let’s try out the American made ones. We’ll also work on the windows and the window regulators this week as I figured it out. Good job, it’s getting there

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