Roofing material? On a car…?

With spring break around the corner and just one month to finish the car, I can feel that I’m really close to finishing the car! I have been putting small detail work onto the car, such as re-painting some interior details like the steering column and even undercoating the bottom of the car. As new parts came in, I began to also look at what I needed to finish up the interior. Due to lack of time and expertise, my mentor Peter recommended that I get the seats completely redone at an auto upholster. With the right connections, I was able to use the material I bought online and have the upholster install them in the seats. With the seats done, the only things left on the interior are the carpet and the headliner which will be a hard thing to complete. I hope to have the headliner installed with some help of the auto upholster, but I will attempt to fit in the carpet myself. As far as the mechanicals on the car, the electrics are almost complete, with just some connections in the back of the car that still need to be sorted out. The engine is almost ready to be dropped in again, which at that point I can check if the car still runs. I am really close to my goal! I need as much time with my mentor and other help as I can get. I still need to learn how to drive it, so I want to have it done by the end of the month. A personal goal that I have kept is to have it at least running for prom, but with all the work I have left to do on it, I just have to cross my fingers and hope I don’t get any more set backs.


2 thoughts on “Roofing material? On a car…?

  1. Good use of the roofing material. The stuff actually does work even though it is roofing material. The rubber backing helps the metal on the car from vibrating which is good. I would make sure to use extra padding on those areas though because it will start to smell if the car is in the sun for too long. I think you’ll be fine though. I’ll be coming over Saturday to finish up the wiring so be ready. We also need to install the tie rod ends. When will the headliner guy come in again?

  2. Peter, the headliner guy called me and said he will try to come in early next week. I think Saturday and Sunday might be a good day for us to finish up the electrics and the other stuff before the headliner goes in.

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