The final stretch

April 6th – 23rd: This is the final stretch! As of today, April 23rd 2013, the bug is ALMOST finished. In the past few weeks, I have been constantly working on the bug with my mentor non-stop every weekend and weekday possible in order to get it ready for Senior Project presentations on May 2nd. The upcoming deadline gave my mentor and I a bit of a wake up call, but I think we are right on schedule to get it completed. We should be finished with the car by the end of this week, so perhaps my dream goal of having it ready for Prom might be a reality!

Finishing up the bug required the headliner to be put in, as well as the carpet being glued down. With the headliner installed, it was up to me to install the carpet. I followed Peter’s advice when glueing down carpet as well as following the step by step guide video I received when I ordered the carpet kit. To save money, I cut and measured out the padding myself from a huge $20 roll of carpet padding from Home Depot. This saved me a ton of money as each of the padding pieces pre-cut costs over $40 a piece! The rest of the interior went in with ease as door panels were clipped in, chrome was added to the interior, seats were installed and windows installed as well.

Peter really helped me out with getting the motor back in the car. After I had performed a basic tune up and cleaned the motor, the engine fired right up after we connected all the wires and fuel hoses to it. It ran beautifully! It brought a huge smile to my face when the car turned over for the first time in months.

We are finishing up with installing new tie rod ends to the car steering, and then we should be able to install the gas tank, windshield, bumpers, and both hoods on the car. Minor jobs, but they will take some extra work hours!


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