Finally done!

Finally done!

As of May 2nd, 2013, I have now completed my senior project. After months of endless work and hours spent on the bug, it is running amazingly and I am really happy with the final result. This evening I presented my bug to the panelists for my senior project and they all were very impressed. I was impressed as well, as I never imagined I would be the owner of a classic car I personally restored.

I have leanred a great deal about not just restoring a Volkswagen Beetle, but how to restore a car in general. I am so happy that Peter was my mentor and that he was there to help me along the way when I needed help I am truly grateful for everyone else that helped me out with the project as well, including my Dad for spending the time and money on helping me out as well.

There’s small things to still add on the bug, such as new windshield wipers and the back bumper. For now however, I will practice driving stick shift a lot more so that I may drive it around town as I see fit. There’s car shows coming around this summer, so I can’t wait to take it shows and have people admire my work.

I love my Volkswagen Beetle, and I am intent on never selling it.


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