So because you just clicked on this “about” page, you might be wondering why a high school Senior like myself is taking on the immense task of restoring a 1965 VW Beetle. You must think I’m crazy right?

Well, I’m only a little crazy. Senior Project is done through the humanity class Political Studies at Napa New Technology in Napa California. The project is designed for graduating Seniors to experiment and go beyond the usual comfort zone, and to journey through an experience you document through the use of an online blog (WordPress!) For my individual Senior project, I chose to do something I’ve never experienced but have always dreamed of doing – restoring a classic car.

As a kid, I’ve always grown-up loving classic cars, how they run, how they look, the models of the car, the design of the car…It is truly an art and each individual car has it’s own history behind it. Each car a hobbyist builds also has a special connection to the car. After all, you did build it with your own hands.

I think now is the perfect time to make my passion a reality. I have the right resources around me to complete a low budget restoration, such as fixing up a Volkswagen Beetle. As much as I’d like to restore a rarer car from a frame-off restoration, I don’t have $10,000-$20,000 to throw at a project like this. I am a high school Senior after all! I chose the Volkswagen Beetle because of the huge amount of history behind it, the styling of the car itself, and upon further research, Beetles are a good starter car for beginners to learn on. I hope this project teaches me valuable life skills such as the mechanics behind building car engines and interiors and basically how to care and maintain a classic car. I will also learn valuable life skills with this project, such as learning how to drive a manual stick-shift car.

Wish me luck!


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